The Mercy Fund

In April 2015 the Diocese of Brooklyn launched The Generations of Faith capital campaign with three main objectives:

  • Parish Priorities to help strengthen the heart of the Diocese;
  • Care for Our Priests to fulfill our promise to those who have faithfully served; and
  • Youth Evangelization to foster the formation of future generations of Catholics.
The Immaculate Conception Mercy Fund came about as a result of the generous pledges and contributions made by Immaculate Conception parishioners to this campaign. We are now beginning to see the fruits of our labor with the creation of Mary's Well in Uganda.

Background information and pictorial updates of the completion of Mary's Well are available here.

We hope that we can continue to repeat this outreach of charity and mercy everywhere there is poverty and deprivation. If you are interested in making a donation to the Mercy Fund, please contact the Rectory.