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Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Our Altar Server ministry provides an opportunity for boys and girls Grade 5 and above to serve at the table of the Lord while receiving continuing religious education in Catholic school or CCD.

Ministers of Welcome / Ushers

These men and women welcome parishioners to our liturgical celebrations. By their patient and friendly bearing, they help maintain a reverence in Church at all times as well as take up the collection on Sundays and major celebrations.

Music Ministry

The Immaculate Conception Music Ministry is comprised of the following:

Adult Choir

Praising God through song is essential at the Liturgy. This Choir sings at Sunday Mass (10:30 a.m.) and has one rehearsal per week on Thursday evenings.

Children's Choir

At the family Mass on Sundays (9:00 a.m.), a younger style of liturgical music is sung. If you have a child who loves to sing and you want to enhance their experience at Mass, please consider having them join the Children's Choir. They rehearse once a week on Sunday.

Contemporary Choir

The Ensemble, through more contemporary songs, sings and plays at Sunday Mass (1:30 p.m.) in a folk style. The Contemporary Ensemble rehearses every week on Sunday.

Filipino Choir

This choir sings in Tagalog at the monthly Filipino Apostolate Mass (7:00 p.m.) held on the second Saturday of each month.

Spanish Choir

This choir sings at the Spanish Sunday Mass (12:00 p.m.). The Spanish Choir rehearses every week on Sunday.

St. Cecilia Consortium

This group provides opportunities for members of the above-mentioned choirs to produce musical experiences on a larger integrated scale.

Please contact the Rectory if you or your child would like to participate in any of these Ministries.